High-quality raw materials and advanced production technologies are important for proper manufacture of profiles.

Raw materials are purchased at the level of ADO Group. Therefore, WINTECH has its own supply chain, independent from regional manufacturers. WINTECH profiles are produced under the company’s own formulation on high-end Krauss Maffei equipment with two-beam extrusion nozzles which automatically double the plant production capacity. The manufacture is carried out by extrusion from compositions on the basis of rigid unplasticized polyvinylchloride with higher impact strength and resistant to climatic effects. Extrusion nozzles produced by on the of world leaders – Greiner – are used for extrusion.

The profile formulation at the Russian plant is adapted to the Russian conditions. We produce freeze-proof profiles. The parent company provides a complete technological support. The mixture for PVC profiles is made on modern automatic equipment with production capacity of up to 80 000 tons of raw material per year. The PVC mixture formulation is strictly balanced and consists of components produced by leading European manufacturers. The manufacturing plant is equipped with a high-powered system of closed water circulation, cleaning and cooling. All extrusion lines are fitted with vortex cooling baths.