ADO Group activities in the plastic processing industry started in 1952, when the plant for manufacture of pipes from polymer materials was built. Further, it launched production of a range of other construction materials: encasements, wall and ceiling panels, floor coverings and interior doors from composition materials. In 1990 ADO group began to extrude window profile systems.

Foundation of WINTECH was a new landmark in the company’s development. PVC profile manufacturing plants were established all over the world.

Trying to provide its partners with the fullest set of products and services, the group is constantly expanding the sphere of its activities. In 2009, the company built a plant for manufacture of furniture for translucent structures under ACCADO trademark, which was a logical addition to the profile system assortment. However, the main focus of the company’s business is PVC profile extrusion. All WINTECH’s profile systems are self-developed by the company.

Taking into account high rates of PVC profile market growth in Russia, ADO made a decision to organize manufacturing activities on the territory of the Moscow Region. So, this program was launched in February 2005, 70 km away from Moscow, and the total area of the project was 220 000 m2. The first construction stage was finished in July 2006, and the profile production was started on the 15th of August. In 2014, an additional manufacturing building was constructed as the second phase of the project.

At present, ten years later, WINTECH has “its feet on the ground” and occupies rightful place among flagships of the profile market with considerable sales volume and a wide dealer network.