For those who make deliberate decisions
and do not follow the fast-changeable fashion trends!

  • Light and elegant windows with В class 4-chamber profile.
  • Special steel reinforcement reduces the risk of sagging and bending flaps.2. Special steel reinforcement reduces the risk of sash sagging and flexure.
  • Profile service life is more than 40 years.
  • An ideal solution for regions with sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Eco-friendly CaZn formulation is hypoallergic and safe for health.
  • The snow-white surface of the profile do not lose their original appearance over the years.6. The snow-white profile surface will not change over the years.
  • High-level sound insulation ensures reliable protection from street noise.
  • Burglar-proof furniture ensures protection from “uninvited guest”.
  • Modern European design will bring warmth and comfort to your home.9. Modern European design will make your house even more comfortable.
  • A tremendous variety of colours and lamination structures will provide a unique look for your windows.
  • Recommended for installation in child- and healthcare institutions.
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