For those who choose perfect out of the best!

  • Advanced window of 6-chamber profile A class.1. Advanced windows with A class 6-chamber profile.
  • Special steel reinforcement reduces the risk of sagging and bending flaps.2. Special steel reinforcement reduces the risk of sash sagging and flexure.
  • Profile service life is more than 40 years.
  • Excellent proven themselves in a variety of climatic conditions.4. Proved high efficiency in different weather conditions.
  • Progressive non-toxic recipe CaZn is environmentally safe for humans.5. A progressive non-toxic CaZn formulation is environmentally safe.
  • The snow-white profile will not turn yellow over the years.
  • Increased sound-insulation guarantees present peace and quiet.
  • The burglar-proof furniture provides safety for you and your family.
  • Classic design combined with strict elegance of straight lines and latest technical solutions will become an outstanding element in décor of your house
  • Options lamination organically fit into your chosen interior.10. Lamination variants will naturally fit your interior.
  • Recommended for installation in child- and healthcare institutions.
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