For those who needs quality and cost-efficiency!

  • The most popular windows with A class 3-chamber profile.
  • Special steel reinforcement ensures a high structural strength.2. Special steel reinforcement guarantees resistance to wind force.
  • The term of service profile - more than 40 years.3. The profile service life is more than 40 years.
  • Ideal for regions with rapid changes in temperature.4. Ideal for regions with sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Eco-friendly CaZn formulation is absolutely safe for health.
  • The snow-white profile will not turn yellow over the years.
  • High-performance insulating windows will protect your home from the cold and noise.7. High-level insulation parameters of the window ensure reliable protection of your house from cold and noise.
  • Burglar accessories ensures a high level of security of your home.8. Burglar-proof furniture ensures high-level safety of your home.
  • Classic European design underline your refined and impeccable taste.9. Classic European design will accentuate your delicate and impeccable taste.
  • A wide range of colours and lamination film factures will make the most audacious design projects possible.
  • They are recommended for installation in child- and healthcare institutions.
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