For those who appreciate practicability and convenience!

  • Affordable windows with B class 3-chamber profile.
  • U-shaped steel reinforcement ensures resistance to wind loads.2. U-shaped steel reinforcement guarantees resistance to wind.
  • The term of service profile - more than 40 years.3. The profile service life is more than 40 years.
  • Ideal for areas with extreme temperature.4. Ideal for regions with sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Non-toxic CaZn formulation is absolutely safe for health.
  • Snow-white surface of profile will not turn yellow over the years.
  • High-level acoustic insulation will protect you from noise of city motorways.
  • Anti-burglary fittings will transform your home into a fortress.8. Burglar-proof furniture will make your house an unassailable fortress.
  • Exquisite rounded sash makes the construction especially elegant.
  • The rich range of colors and textures lamination profitably transform any interior.10. Wide range of colours and lamination factures provide excellent change of every interior.
  • Recommended for installation in child- and healthcare institutions.
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