The sealers are made of TPV material on the basis of synthetic rubber and modified polypropylene. This material is more resistant to abrasion and residual deformations than analogous EPDM-based elements and is characterized by a thermal stability at the temperature from –55 to +125°С.

TPV heats up to a lower temperature under the direct sunlight than EPDM, it is characterized a high UV resistance, does not absorb moisture and does not let the air pass, i.e., it has excellent hermetic properties.

Thanks to its structure, TPV remains elastic at low temperatures, it is easy to assemble, weld and glue.


  • small residual deformation at the material low density;
  • possibility to use glue systems for EPDM;
  • high elasticity;
  • almost no hygroscopic properties;
  • eco-friendliness;
  • no soot and phthalate;
  • possibility to make products with almost every colour, including light-grey which is popular at present;
  • combined design: tube structure and lobes, which prevents icing and facilitates sealer maintenance;
  • possibility to use as an integrated sealer.