In the field of development and manufacture of plastic products, WINTECH uses its own formulation based on the advanced global technologies, which not only ensures excellent technical characteristics of WINTECH profiles, but also make them outstanding from the esthetic point of view.

WINTECH’s pride is its own testing laboratory, equipped at a state-of-the-art level, which ensures control of every product lot. The profile amount is controlled at every production stage; primarily, control is performed directly on every extruder, several times per shift.

The laboratory is fitted with modern equipment which ensures quick and efficient check of the profile dimensions, detection of the slightest deviations and implementation of changes into the manufacturing process, as well as testing of the profiles under the conditions, closest to the severe Siberian winter. Thus, the laboratory capacity enables monitoring of all main parameters, ensuring stability of profile characteristics: shape, surface quality, resistance to impact after freezing, linear changes after heating, angle connection strength and other parameters.