PVC profile market 2016. Development, trends, perspectives
<b>PVC profile market 2016. Development, trends, perspectives. </b><br><br>
     Today’s market of PVC window profiles is ultra-high competitive market. In 2008, at the peak of the window market development, PVC window profile sales accounted for more than 500 thousand tons, while only a half of this sales volume is expected in 2016. There has been a reduction of a total amount of companies manufacturing windows, and suppliers of accessories and profiles, many leading and authoritative “players” have disappeared from the market. Due to the doubled currency exchange rate and rouble inflation, the price for plastic windows must not be high. The cost for the main raw materials in our industry (PVC resin) increased in Russia by 30% within 6 months, and profile manufacturers raised prices maximum by 12-14%. What would happen, when the profile companies stop investing in the profile low price and will try to sell the products at the actual cost? There is a lot of examples of changing companies’ owners or “extrusion” companies being the history that were involved in price cutting. One seldom learns from the mistakes of others. More expensive raw materials cause our business efficiency be reduced. However, the profile manufacturers fix the prices for their clients by force of habit, though the price for PVC resin grows every month, and its deficit does not allow to accumulate strategically significant reserves.<br><br>
     Due to the currency exchange rate growth, our market is unavailable for foreign suppliers of PVC resin, and lack of capacity of Russian plants has been proved. The consequence for this is a shortage of ready-made profiles for full-fledged substitution of imported products on the CIS territory, and, in particular, within the Customs Union.<br><br>
     Such situation leads to equalization of purchase prices for PVC resin both on the internal and external markets. And despite of the fact that the PVC resin quality in Russia is higher, availability of the raw materials is much more important. Suspension PVC was not actually imported in 2015, and PVC made in China is proposed to a full extent on the Russian market in 2016. A launch of Rusvinil plant in Kstovo town, the Nizhni Novgorod Region, allowed to increase the resin production approximately by 300 thousand tons. However, there is still a trouble situation with seasonal PVC delivery.<br><br>
     Plants, manufacturing window profile systems, are “daughters” of large foreign companies and unable to cope with the current market demand for this product. An access for foreign supply bases, financial support of the head company, business stability due to its differentiation and presence in different countries – all this is a positive charge for business. And we take courageous and uncompromising steps on the way of strengthening of our position on the Russian market. <br><br>
    Wintech Plastic, OOO is not only a plant in Serpukhov located near Moscow, we also have 7 plants that manufacture PVC profiles around the world, we produce dozens of profile system types and manufacture 243 000 tons of the window profiles per year, we employ more than 4.5 thousand high-qualified professionals, who are devoted to their company and make huge contributions into its development and advancement.
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