ACCADO implements multilevel ventilation
<b>ACCADO implements multilevel ventilation. </b><br>
    Modern construction standards are imposing more requirements for plastic windows with regard to indoor climatic comfort. Following the increasing demands of the customers and the market trends, ACCADO expands its product range and offers an option of multilevel ventilation to its clients.<br><br>
    Everyone knows the situation when it turns stuffy in the room, and opened windows become the source of dust, exhaust gases and draughts. The multilevel ventilation system can successfully solve this problem. <br><br>
It has a range of special benefits:<br>
- it improves indoor microclimate, saving from negative consequences which arise due to window opening; <br>
- it increased qualitative parameters of windows, preventing condensation on windows and window sills;  <br>
- it provides even and quiet ventilation of even large rooms;<br>
- it prevents the risk of damage due to wind and draughts, since this mechanism has fixing elements and will not close by itself.  <br><br>
     Over a short period of time ACCADO brand won popularity throughout the world, thanks to innovative technologies in the field of the window and door furniture, as well as high quality and service standards. ACCADO product deliveries cover 5 continents and more than 60 countries, from Australia to America, while the amount of the sold furniture accounted for more than 6 500 000 units. In Russia, ACCADO systems are widely used in a domestic environment, administrative and industrial buildings in various climatic conditions over 4 years.<br><br>
     ACCADO systems are also successfully used for production by large companies that manufacture translucent structures. It is a perfect design, high quality and service standards, longevity, as well as elaborate performance opportunities that makes ACCADO products stand out from their analogs, represented on the market. An exceptional accuracy during the design activities, quality and process management ensure provision of high-quality products and services on a global scale!
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